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Thank you!


Unsung heroes. The description fits well thousands of volunteers who spend hours and hours at the relief centers silently doing their part to help. They are there without expecting to be recognized or be featured in newspapers or television. They may look tired for a day’s work but they managed to wear a smile. It’s just their pure heart to help and the spirit of volunteerism that is at work here. Kudos to all of you!

Image credit: DSWD

Where to bring donations or volunteer

Here’s the list of areas and offices where you can bring food and other donations, or volunteer for our brothers and sisters who were affected by the Southwest Monsoon.

2 Million individuals from 89 cities and municipalities in NCR Regions I, III, and IV-A were affected by the brutal Southwest Monsoon.

Despite this unfortunate catastrophe, we believe that the spirit of Bayanihan is alive and overflowing in Filipino hearts as our citizens reach out to fellow Filipinos who have lost their homes to flee for safer grounds.