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I’ll be 50-something

It is my birthday month.

Thank you, Lord, for the 50 plus years.

The cake I bought on my 40-something birthday. ūüôā

Thankful for the life I choose to live, for the ups and downs, and most of all, for the happiness of being with people I love, who will be by my side, no matter where the tide of life will take me.

One friend asked me if I have plans for my birthday. I told her none because I’m filling up my enrolment fund box, so any expenses will have to wait for the meantime.

Thank you, Lord for another year and continuous blessings. God is good all the time!


Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@benwhitephotography

I have so much to say about my operation but just couldn’t translate them into words. I can only summarize¬†everything in one word – THANKFUL.

    • Thankful to God I was able to pull through the medical crisis – that the¬†agonizing pain for so many years due to endometriosis was over.
    • for¬†the physical and emotional strength to undergo a major medical procedure.
    • for family, friends and relatives who offer prayers and emotional support.
    • to doctors and nurses who took care of me while at the hospital.
    • for the provision to sustain the family despite financial constraint.
    • that we were able to produce the amount that we need for the operation.
    • for another lease on life and the chance to take care of my family for as long as I can.

Thank God I’m alive!

Be thankful for the big and little things

A reflection of God’s miracles in my life.

* During the early part of my married life, I fervently pray for a child. God answered my prayer. My eldest was delivered safely despite the difficulties I went through in the early part of my pregnancy. In medicine, they call it threatened abortion.

* I was a holdup victim twice. I was with my husband when the first incident took place. We were riding a jeepney (public means of transportation) on our way to work in Port Area, Manila, when at least four men in their 20’s announced a holdup.

I was trembling and suddenly had a flash back of my life as the robbery ensue. At gunpoint, the looters amassed the passengers a large amount including pieces of jewelry and cellphones. What if one of the robbers shot at us? What would happen to our children who were very young then? God must be on our side that nothing bad happened to me and my husband, and the rest of the passengers who were all trembling at that time.

* My son suffered a rare disease called Kawasaki Syndrome. We had no one to turn to for help. The medicine should be transfused immediately to avoid complications. Through God’s mercy we were able to raise the fund from our meager savings and some loans. My boy went home safely after 10 days in the hospital. But until now we are praying that my son has fully recovered from his ordeal despite the lack of the needed check up from a heart doctor.

* I was out of job since 2007. The company where I and my husband served for several years is in financial hitch. But we managed to cope. Just before my budget for Hot Deals runs out, some blessings would come. God indeed works in mysterious ways. We are not regular church-goers, but I always remind my children to always pray and thank God for the big and little things that we have at home. God provides and I am thankful for that.