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I’ll be 40 something

It’s my birthday on the 30th. Thank you Lord for the 42 long years, for the life I choose to live, for the ups and downs, but most of all, for the happiness of being with people I love who will be by my side no matter where the tide of life will take me.

One friend asked me if I have plans for my birthday. I told her none, because I’m filling up my enrolment fund box so any expenses like buying the silver jewelry I’ve been eyeing for months will have to wait for the meantime.

Thank you, Lord for another year.

On Kids and Gratitude

Her smile was contagious. My daughter was grinning from ear to ear when she came home from school today, as she was carrying a loot bag of tiny toys and candies. As she was rambling on about how fun her classmate’s birthday party at school was, she suddenly frowned. She said Peter (not his real name!) didn’t say thank you when she handed him his birthday present.

Saying “thank you” is a big thing for my daughter. Ever since I can remember, I have drilled the importance of saying “thank you”, through my kids’ skulls. I have always reminded them that letting other people know that you are grateful for whatever they have given or done for you bring you one step closer to heaven. Luckily, I’ve succeeded. And I’m one proud- and thankful- mom.