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Learning the Art of Letting go for Women with Abusive Partners

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People always fall in love and expect it to flourish forever but this is never the case. Some partners turn out to be very abusive of their women. Breaking up and letting go of a man you love dearly is not an easy job. However, abuse in relationships cannot be ignored as it is against the law. You must then know how to walk out of a relationship that is abusive whether it is physical or mental. The best way to let go is to give yourself a reason why the relationship must come to an end. Think of how bad you get hurt during every abuse that occurs. No matter how hard you try to cover your bruises, your friends will still find out. Convince yourself that you deserve a better treatment from a man who would appreciate instead of abusing you. Pick yourself up, dust off all the dust and start a new life all over again.

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Life’s Motivation to Keep You Going


There are instances when we encounter situations wherein we feel like we already want to give up. There are some people who do give up on life. They decide to end their lives early. If you feel like giving up, you should remember that tomorrow is always another day. There are things that will be hard to accept, things that will make you feel so bad but what you can do to feel better is think of things that can motivate you to keep going. It can be your loved ones; it can be your dreams and your goals in life. Ffor malleable iron crank handles, it can be hammered and it will not get out of shape. This should be your way of thinking too about life in general. You can be hammered with problems every now and then but as long as you will remain strong, your faith will remain intact.

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