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The convenience of Motorbike During Lockdown

Hubby got his motorbike almost 14 years ago this year as the company’s payment for his unpaid vacation leaves. At first, I was hesitant to have that motorbike at home because I don’t want hubby to drive it to work. Considering how unsafe our public roads for motorbike drivers especially at night. He passes Commonwealth Avenue every day. And you know that Commonwealth Avenue is accident-prone especially for motorbike riders traversing the stretch.

For a while, I allow hubby to drive the vehicle. But on his own, he decided not to bring the motorbike anymore because he thought it’s more convenient to ride a bus or take a UV express taxi. Imagine he can sleep or relax while traveling. We decided to use our motorbike in going to the market and run errands.

We are in a peculiar situation for seven months now because of the lockdown caused by the pandemic, but our motorbike still serves its purpose. Considering the safety of public transport hubby opted to drive the motorbike to the pickup point where the company service car waits for him and his co-workers. By doing that three times a week, hubby is able to save his tricycle fare.

Hubby deems fit to follow the same work routine since he is working from home the rest of the week anyway.

Our more than a decade-old motorbike has been a great help to our family. Since it was procured, it requires little maintenance such as change oil, battery replacement, and flat tire using motorcycle lifts. Hubby doesn’t need to search for Best Buy Auto Equipment because the original parts of the motorcycle are still in very good condition.