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Forever a music lover

This is again one of those days when all I feel like doing is listening to old music. When I say old, I mean 80’s. That was the era I grew up in. Music has always been an unshakeable part of my being. You can strip me of my clothes and run a tractor on my new shoes, but don’t mess with my favorite songs.

listen to music

There’s a certain inexplicable power in music. It somehow succeeds at uplifting my spirits on a gloomy day. It brings on a flood of memories of my growing up years. Music reminds me of who I am. When I listen to my old favorite songs, emotions associated with those songs come rushing like a tidal wave. I am transported back in time.

What does music do to you, click here. Does it help brighten your mood as well?

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Music Helps Heal the Sick

A lot of people have already experienced being sick at some point in their lives. There are instances when people do not realize it but they actually heal faster when they listen to music that can soothe them. It seems that music can reach not just our ears but also our inner soul sometimes. When we connect to a song well, we command our body subconsciously to heal. This is probably the reason why there are songs that can make us happy. There are also times when we cannot help but sing a song when we are feeling particularly joyful. Songs are part of our lives and they will surely stay whether they are heard on a radio or played by waves guitar.

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