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Chinese wish paper

A lady friend gave this piece of Chinese wish paper to me a few years ago.  She said I could write a prayer or anything that I wish to have or plan that I want to be realized in the future. Her instruction is to burn the paper after I write all my wishes and scatter its ashes in the air to make my “wishes” come true.

I haven’t written anything on it yet. I want to keep it as a remembrance for now.

The season for getting sick


The Christmas season not only brings out the joyful mood in everybody, it also signals the rise of stress-related illnesses.

Stress gets into the picture months before Christmas break. The mere thinking of what to do, where to go, whom to be with, what to buy as gifts, the heavy traffic caused by rushing shoppers, and what to cook for a feast are mind bogglers that lead to anxiety and depression.

After all the merry-making ends in January, the danger of getting afflicted with diseases caused by too much eating comes in. Even weigh-watchers almost always cannot resist the temptation.

So before anyone gets busy preparing for the Christmas season, just think about the consequences you might face if you fail to resist the temptation of too much eating and engaging in stressful activities.

Image courtesy of nenetus at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Retirement Gifts for Teachers

A teacher is one person who contributes so much to you as a person and to the society as well. As he or she retires, you should get them a gift to show them that you appreciate what they have been doing. A great gift would be a coffee set with lidded cups and strainers in silk box. Each cup and lid is hand painted with delicate bat and vine design. This gift will make her realize that you had her in mind.

retirement gifts for teachers should include a book because teachers love to read. A nice book should relate to teaching and life. This book is specifically for those teachers that have retired or are thinking of retiring. Any book about retirement as a teacher will bring a smile on her face.