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Things I’m Grateful For

Thank you, God, for the gift of life. 🙏

A surprise gift from my long-time friend, Lanie.
My fave cake from my daughter.

I’ve got a lot of things to be thankful for on my birthday this year. I’m happy to share that my health status is quite okay now. Based on my latest blood workup, there are no traces of fats in my liver. Weight loss is one of the factors that help my liver heal from fatty liver disease. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds primarily due to adhering to a low-carb diet. I eat everything in moderation, but I eat more veggies now. I’ve also added chia and flax seeds to my drinks.

Financially, we make ends meet. Despite the limited source of income, we’ve managed to support our youngest through college. We are looking forward to our son’s graduation this year. 🙏

He fills our needs

We are a family of four. A small family indeed, but only one person is working to support our needs. I help my husband by working (if you consider blogging a job) online. My online journal became a source of income four years ago. It helps pay some of our monthly bills and some of the basic necessities. We now have a college student and one still in secondary school. The monetary benefits I get from blogging will not be enough to support them. However, God truly works in mysterious ways. He never allows me to be in deep financial trouble. I continue to receive online opportunity even if they are not in big amount. He fills our needs according to His riches. Thank you, Lord!