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Twenty-years-old ka na, waaah!! I should have posted something on Facebook pero ayaw mo because you hate drama (so dito na lang ako maglilitanya, hahaha). Mixed emotion ako ngayon kasi parang kailan lang eh dependent ka pa sa akin. Dependent pa rin naman pero kaunti na lang. So proud of you anak because you have proven to us and to yourself na kaya mong i-maintain ang scholarship mo kahit anong hirap ng mga subjects. Wish ko rin nga sana maging cum laude ka rin sa graduation, but you brushed aside the idea kasi sabi mo nga mahirap abutin. Who knows ‘di ba. Kung anuman ang kahinatnan ang mahalaga makakatapos ka na hopefully this year. One more term na lang. It would be a completely different story after graduation. You will be facing the real world. Kung anuman ang takahin mo, Daddy and I will still be supporting you. We hope that you will achieve everything you wish for in life. We love you, anak. Happy birthday!!!

A simple birthday wish

Another year will be added to my age this year. I’ll be 44 next month. I’m thankful to have reached this age to witness life’s beauty and surpassed the hurdles along the way. I’m thankful to a lot of things that happened last year and to some not-so good things that occurred in the first quarter of this year. The experiences have strengthened my faith to my Maker and my relationship with my loved ones.

Like in my previous birthday post, I’ll be busy working on my birthday to fill our enrolment fund box. So there’s no birthday leave for me. However, birthday gifts from friends are most welcome. LOL I’m not choosy when it comes to gift. It’s the thought the counts. So, whether you give me cash or a trinket from fashion jewelry online, they’d be appreciated a lot.

Seriously, I’d appreciate a simple birthday prayer for my family’s health and financial blessings to support our children to school.