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Flowers from a Long Time Friend

An appreciation post for my college friend and Ninang to my firstborn. We’ve known each other for 34 years now. She always remembers special occasions and would surprise me with gifts.

These roses and a heart balloon were delivered to our doorsteps on my birthday.

Thank you, mare! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. I should not be surprised if you have been blessed for the things that you do to other people. Congratulations, too, on your recent promotion. You have come a long way from your early years as a young Congress employee. You deserved it, Lanie!

I will see you, friend, when it is safe to travel and gather with friends. 🙂

On her 44th birthday

My cousin Cecil will be celebrating her 44th birthday next week. There will be a simple celebration in their house and she invited my family to the occasion. As of our last phone conversation, she’s still undergoing chemo therapy, so her daily activities remain limited. I could buy her a guitar as a birthday gift. I know she wants to have one although like me, she doesn’t know how to play a guitar. Good thing there are excellent cleartone strings at guitar center that is perfect for less expensive guitars.

A simple birthday present

My mom will celebrate her 60 plus birthday next month. I’m planning to give her a comfortable chair that she can use while taking a rest after looking after my sister’s children. There are several chairs or lounges to choose from but the ones I saw at http://www.chaiselounges.com/ look cozy and expensive. She deserves to have something like it; sadly I can only give her the kind that I can afford at the moment. Although I know she would still be happy to have whatever I can give her.