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On her 44th birthday

My cousin Cecil will be celebrating her 44th birthday next week. There will be a simple celebration in their house and she invited my family to the occasion. As of our last phone conversation, she’s still undergoing chemo therapy, so her daily activities remain limited. I could buy her a guitar as a birthday gift. I know she wants to have one although like me, she doesn’t know how to play a guitar. Good thing there are excellent cleartone strings at guitar center that is perfect for less expensive guitars.

A simple birthday present

My mom will celebrate her 60 plus birthday next month. I’m planning to give her a comfortable chair that she can use while taking a rest after looking after my sister’s children. There are several chairs or lounges to choose from but the ones I saw at http://www.chaiselounges.com/ look cozy and expensive. She deserves to have something like it; sadly I can only give her the kind that I can afford at the moment. Although I know she would still be happy to have whatever I can give her.