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Thank you, Lord!

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All my worries about the result of the recent medical procedure that I went through were gone. Thank, God!


Devout Catholics believe that by completing the nine-day mass, one will be able to fulfill his or her prayer. One can pray for better health, prosperity, and peace. It can be just about anything that your heart desires. You can pray for material things which you believe can help you in your profession or daily living. You can’t afford to have your own home so you pray hard and work hard to achieve it. Some things happen for a reason and who knows all your prayers will be realized sooner than you think.

Prayer request

I’m not a regular church-goer or pray as often as religious people do. But I believe in the power of prayer. There are several instances in the past that my prayers have been answered especially when the intentions are for the health of my family. Lately, I have been praying for financial provision. As my friends know, my husband is the only person who works for us. But his salary is not enough to cover the education of our children. I also contribute through the earnings I get from blogging, but it’s not a Great deal compared to the earnings of my blogger friends. I only have a few weeks to raise the resources that I need for the kids’ enrollment. I believe in the power of prayers. And so be it.