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Nothing comes from nothing

One of my favorite lines from one of the songs on the Sound Of Music is, “…somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must’ve done something good…”

I can relate to it, as I believe that whatever good life has come my way now is a result of something good I’ve done in the past. Either consciously or unknowingly, the little good things I have done have earned me the bc rich I am enjoying today.

I guess that’s pretty much how the universe balances itself out. You get from it what you put into it. If you give off kindness, it comes back to you in ways you can never imagine. Nothing comes from nothing.

A little goes a long way

That’s what I learned the other night after I gave my husband a shoulder rub. He just came home from work, tired as a workhorse, when I gently massaged his back. I was taken by surprise when he gave me a big kiss and hug in the middle of the massage.

Small acts of love towards the people closest to us do mean the world to them. To us, we may merely be doing it without much thought, but they appreciate it wholeheartedly. A simple massage like what I did, showed my husband how much I love and care for him.

How about you? What little act of love have you done for your loved ones lately?