How to Banish Artificial and Cane Sugars from Your Diet for Better Health

It seems that science and the ever-changing theories of the universe banish different food groups from the average diet on an annual basis, but the opinions on artificial and cane sugars have been a constant. Sugar is bad for your health, but not too detrimental in small indulgent doses.

However, if you have weight loss, nutrition, and overall good health goals, you should consider totally banishing sugars from your diet. Why? Because in the grand scheme of good health and self-control, it’s easier to eliminate a nutritional issue than it is to indulge every once in a while.

Ween Yourself Off of Sugar-Filled Drinks and Desserts

Sugar is as addictive as some drugs, which means you should be very careful with consumption. When you realize your sugar addiction, the best way to deal with it is to take it slow in weening yourself away. The cold-turkey method of quitting can lead to severe headaches, mood swings, and other withdrawal symptoms.

Example? If you drink a 2-liter of soda a day, cut down to one to two 8-ounce glasses of your favorite soda a day. Keep cutting week by week until you’ve completely eliminated sugar from your diet.

Processed Snack Foods are a No-Go

Vending machines and breakroom snacks are laden with sugars and processed, junky carbs that rev up your blood sugar then send you crashing down. To avoid the crash, avoid the snack foods.

Check Your Labels

Nutritional labels can reveal a lot about your favorite snack foods. Something you once thought of as healthy might contain tons of hidden sugar and additives that destroy your metabolism. Always check your labels and make sure you’re nutritionally getting what you expect from your foods.

Replace Your Sugar Cravings with Water, Water, and More Water

Water is magical when it comes to its positive benefits on your body, mind, and overall health. When your sweet tooth gives you those familiar cravings, down a glass of water and reassess. Are you actually hungry? Bored? Simply longing for something chocolatey? If the craving goes away, great. If you absolutely need a treat, opt for fruit or a small square of bitter-sweet dark chocolate.

The eventual passing of a loved one

Kuya Carding (partly hidden), Tita, and my cousin Cez (deceased)

Another family member has passed on. He’s the father of my cousin who died of cancer in December of 2015. The old man was like a second father to me and my sister. We spent a good part of our growing up years with him and Tita as our guardians. Kuya Carding as we fondly call him died of liver cancer. He was operated on early this year to remove his gall bladder. His family learned about his illness only recently when he complained of gas pain and feeling of bloatedness. He was later on diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. After a brief hospital stay, the attending physician disclosed that they can no longer treat Kuya Carding. He was sent home. I arrived at their house on Wednesday and he was already in bad shape. My cousin said he may only have a few hours to live. He was right. Kuya Carding breathed his last just a couple of hours after I got there. You know what is heartbreaking in this story? It’s the fact that my Tita will have to deal with another loss in her family. She herself is not in great shape and I worry about her health while she deals with the latest blow in her life…