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Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Valentine’s Day is the time for couples to get together and celebrate their love for each other. Most partners see each other nearly every day but, Valentine’s Day gives people the excuse to show their affections more.

Here are three unique gift suggestions to show how you appreciate your wife on this special occasion.

Body Shaper

Most of the time, people think giving undergarments to their wives is unimportant, but the truth is it spices up the relationships, and women find the gesture thoughtful and sexy, too.

Besides the aesthetic appeal body shapers provide to women, such as slimming the midsection and lifting the buttock, it also helps in improving the posture.

Body shapers can contribute to a healthier body image and lifestyle, which in turn can supplement your long-term slimming goals.

Body shapers are available at

Waist Trainer

Some personal stuff like undergarments is not a common gift item for the wives. Try giving her a waist trainer on Valentine’s Day.

The waist trainer is suitable for all body types and fit for women who are in weight loss, running, daily gym activity, and yoga. It is also fit for women who have just given birth or recovering from a medical procedure. What is best is you can wear it in going to the office, and at weddings.

A waist trainer wholesale wrap around your waist burns extra calories and slims down the midsection during workouts. You won’t feel like wearing one as you tackle household chores.


More women now are into fitness and exercise. If your wife is fit to engage in workouts, you can give her an exercise starter set. The gift set may include the following: fitness gear from wholesale sportswear, a pair of trainer shoes, a yoga mat, dumbbells, skipping rope, etc.

This type of sportswear provides comfort because the textile is soft, quick-drying, and skin-friendly. It gives the style that you look for without compromising your movement.

Pick a stylish fitness outfit to motivate your wife to start her exercise regimen. Make her feel extra special. Remember that a happy wife is a happy life. 

New Trends: Cheap Wholesale Women’s Clothing

Fashion is all about new and latest trends. While this year is almost over and the fact is that most of us have not dressed a lot, but the fashion gurus are coming up with new ideas and colors to cheer us all up in this difficult time. However, with the ease in lockdown and the festive season around the 2020 fashion trends are still happening. The runways are still dazzling and the you can still rock the trends in style. Let’s brighten up your wardrobe with these stylish and trendy cheap wholesale women’s clothing. You can continue to wear them in 2021. Lover-beauty offers some amazing clothing for women.

Besides the 80s style, layering, bold colored suits for women, polka dots, cozy cardigans, asymmetrical dresses, checkered pattern etc. are seen over and over again on the runways, social media and street style alike. In this post we want to share some of the latest trends in fashion clothing for women.

Denim is forever. It is always in style however with a fresh new look, denim is back. The high rise wide-leg jeans are here to stay. The wide-leg denim can be cropped or full length; it does not matter if it is high rise. Not that the regular trend is no longer loved. This style of jeans looks great when paired with blouses, cropped tops and denim jackets. Yes, denim on denim is the look that is also trending.

The chic symmetrical dresses, skirts are the latest fashion trend this year. We love this style and more and more women are rocking this trend. Besides the fashion dresses with numerous styles and cuts are very creative and makes you look stylish. And red is one of the hottest colors this season. 

Since it is winter already, every fashionista is wearing layers. The chunky sweaters, sweater dresses, faux leather jackets, long stylish trench coats are seen everywhere. However, the bright colors are the latest trend. Coats that stand out in bright and vibrant colors is ruling the street style and the runways.

Frills and tassels are another favorite trend that everyone else and we are loving. This beautiful matching set is comfortable to wear and looks cool and stylish. These kinds of athleisure wear are so on trend. They serve two purposes at the same time. We highly recommend getting some wholesale sportswear too.

The colors red, black, bright and bold colors are ruling the runways. And all the bling is hottest in accessories as well as dresses. The more the bling the more stylish it is. Besides Christmas and new year are soon approaching and you will shine like a star.

Hope we have inspired you enough to rock the latest trends in fashion clothing for women. We highly recommend checking Lover-beauty online boutique for some fabulous and stylish clothing for women at a wholesale price.

Not too late a gift

I know it’s a little late to check for a Mother’s Day gift but, I hope to get one for my mom. She will be celebrating her birthday next month. My mom loves to wear pants and a blouse, but I’m thinking of giving her cute dresses for a change. You’ll never see her go out wearing a dress. Besides the fact that she doesn’t own a new one, she said it’s comfortable to move in pants. While I agree with her, I guess it’s about time she adds a dress to her wardrobe. A white long sleeve maxi dress is a good choice for mom. However, the dress that I pick for her will need to get a little seam because my mom is petite. I don’t want her to look like wearing a gown.

Also, mom will be delighted to receive a dress on her 77th birthday, a few weeks from now.

While I’m hunting for a dress right now, I’m looking for an outfit that matches my mood. I saw this v-neck super heavy silk double crepe dress at Kis. This dress is a classic piece that you must add to your wardrobe. You don’t need accessories if you’re wearing something like this because it looks elegant. Even if I can’t travel, I can still wear this outfit while working at home. I have to look presentable in front of the computer while having a meeting with the boss online.

If ever travel ban is lifted, I would most probably hit the beach. You’ll probably catch me wearing not this dress but a flowing chiffon dress (I saw one at Kis) and a hat. And of course, sunblock is on top of the travel must-have to protect us from excessive sun exposure.