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She will be surely missed

Our extended family will end the New Year with a heavy heart. My cousin died of cancer four days before Christmas day. We were devastated with her demise but somewhat prepared for the eventuality that she will be gone any day since her doctor informed her parents of her terminal condition last month (November). She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. She underwent mastectomy to remove the early stage of cancer from her breast. But two years later, her doctor declared that she has stage IV cancer. The cancer cells from her breast were not really abated but have spread to her brain.

Despite the pains and rigors of cancer treatment, my cousin Cecil remains positive all through her battle with cancer. Even up to her last remaining days, we know that she is holding on to her life. She loves her family so much that despite being sick she still think of their welfare. I remember her saying, “Kailangan maging malakas ang loob ko para sa pamilya.”

My cousin was laid to rest at Himlayang Pilipino on December 27. Some relatives suggested VA cremation but the family wants her to be buried to somewhere not crowded.

Overcoming death in the family

Death is a part of life. Although most people are afraid to talk about it but it will eventually come to everyone so the best tip in overcoming sadness and mixed emotions is to be there with your love ones to support each other. Before overcoming it you may experience certain episodes like anger, anxiety, guilt, and depression phase. You have to keep in mind that looking forward doesn’t mean that you will be forgetting the one who died or no longer missed. It is hard but you have to continue going on for your other love ones and family. Talk about how you feel with someone who is close to your heart or find other ways to be an outlet of your emotions to relieve you of your sadness. Remember that eventually you can cope and still enjoy life after it.

Remembering Yolanda


Last year typhoon Yolanda caused catastrophic destruction in the Philippines, particularly in the Samar and Leyte regions. Yolanda is considered the deadliest typhoon to hit the country in years. More than 6,000 people perished and thousand(s) more are still missing.

Let us offer a minute of prayer to remember those who have died and to the families left behind.

(Image shared by a friend)

She needs prayer more than ever

My cousin, who was diagnosed with breast cancer that later spread to her brain, has been in and out of the hospital (twice every month) since last year. She’s been complaining of severe headaches and bleeding. And each time her parents and husband would take her to the hospital, she would remind them of the things they need to do when her time comes. It pains me to know the sad truth about her condition, but remains hopeful that she would still get better. We had a long chat over the phone (a week before her last hospitalization) and it was good to hear how she confronts her sickness with positive attitude. Never did I hear anything negative from her. She said it is through prayers that keeps her alive up to this day. Friends, please include my cousin in your prayers. Let’s all pray for a miracle healing.