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The eventual passing of a loved one

Kuya Carding (partly hidden), Tita, and my cousin Cez (deceased)[/caption]

Another family member has passed on. He’s the father of my cousin who died of cancer in December of 2015. The old man was like a second father to me and my sister. We spent a good part of our growing up years with him and Tita as our guardians. Kuya Carding as we fondly call him died of liver cancer. He was operated on early this year to remove his gall bladder. His family learned about his illness only recently when he complained of gas pain and feeling of bloatedness. He was later on diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. After a brief hospital stay, the attending physician disclosed that they can no longer treat Kuya Carding. He was sent home. I arrived at their house on Wednesday and he was already in bad shape. My cousin said he may only have a few hours to live. He was right. Kuya Carding breathed his last just a couple of hours after I got there. You know what is heartbreaking in this story? It’s the fact that my Tita will have to deal with another loss in her family. She herself is not in great shape and I worry about her health while she deals with the latest blow in her life…

Make Yourself Shine Despite the Adversaries

One of the worst things that people can do to themselves is to give up when they fail. A person is bound to experience bad situations at some point in his life but instead of breaking down, what people can do instead is to find the good thing in every situation. There are always a lot of good things that are just being overlooked because people are too focused on the bad things. You do not need to be a successful businessman or to become an owner of a large company in order to be happy. Being rich is not everything. Focus on what you have and appreciate your blessings. Things will change tremendously if you do just that.

TBT: Unforgettable coverage


She (young girl from left) should have been enjoying her life as a teenager but got separated from her family because of a problem too heavy for her to bear. I had a chance of meeting this girl at a half-way center for abused kids. At first, I had qualms asking her too many questions for fear that it might trigger sad memories. But this girl was brave enough to share more than what I was looking for. She shared details of what she went through in the hands of the very people who should be providing love and care inside the home.

I’ve heard a lot of heartbreaking stories from people I have interviewed in the past but nothing compares to the story of this girl. I was deeply moved and cried with her as she recalls her harrowing experience.

The center where she was placed after she was rescued has helped her slowly heal from psychological and emotional trauma.

This was part of a series of feature articles I wrote for People’s Tonight.