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Sacrifices for loved ones

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It’s difficult to recall personal “sacrifices” that I have made for my family because I don’t consider them sacrifices but part of my responsibility as a mother and wife. Maybe what I can share with you were the occasions when I was assigned provincial assignments and don’t get to see my kids for several days. Even when there was someone to watch over my kids, it’s different when you see them on a daily basis and monitor if they have eaten properly, took their vitamins, or completed their homework. I’m sure there are other moms out there who can relate to my experience. There was another instance when I was on assignment and got stalled in the area for days because the province was hit by a typhoon and there were no available flights going back to Manila. I wish I can voice out my complaint to my bosses for giving me the assignment, but they can’t do anything about it as they too were following orders from the top.

I quit my job not because I don’t love the things that I do for more than a decade, but I thought there are more important things than earning money. I wish I’d stay, but there is a part of me that says I’d had enough. I’m still a working mom at present, but my home serves as my office for online opportunities that I do. I’m happy that I’m no longer an absentee mom, but a mom at their beck and call.

How about you what sacrifices you’ve made for your family lately?

Late post: K’s reaction paper on SONA 2017 (school assignment)

President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address was for a lack of better words, informative. There were many topics (important ones at that) that were mentioned during his second SONA last Monday afternoon at the House of Representatives, Quezon City but I only picked five, and they are as follows:

One of the (if not the most) relevant topic for us students is the implementation of the K-!2 curriculum. This topic has been discussed countless times but the pros and cons still stand. The pros being that students now have the freedom to choose or think of what they want with more time, so it wouldn’t be abrupt, a smooth transition to college, if you will. Also in his speech, the widened reach of skills training and a significantly increased number of out-of-school youth who have availed the ALS (Alternative Learning System) was mentioned. As for the cons, (although for me this isn’t really that big of a deal, I can’t say the same for other people), adding 2 more years to the high school education means more tuition fee, but like I said, I don’t think this is that big of a deal seeing as there’s vouchers for incoming senior high school students, so that should help a little. This is an example of socialism.

Secondly, he mentioned the implementation or establishment of the official citizen’s complaint hotline (8888). I do think this is a good idea and it seems like this will actually be a good way for people to voice their complaints, grievances or concerns. What I do think negatively about this is that with all the people calling, it will be just that, people calling. I’d be surprised if they actually took the people’s concerns and address it, much less listen to it. This is an example of social democracy.

Third, Duterte said “We have also installed free WIFI internet in almost 400 public places around the country. We hope that the public will use them to access important information and services.” And that’s great. I can’t think of anything negative to say about that. This is an example of liberalism.

Fourth, the war on drugs. This has been the most controversial thing that has come from his presidency, for me at least. He said that the war on drugs “will be unrelenting”, and he’s right about that. The only positive thing I can think of this is at least they’re actually doing something about the drug problem of our country, although I’m not sure if “killing” people is the right way to go about stopping drugs, but like I said, at least they’re doing something. This is an example of fascism.

First and lastly (there’s more than 5 mentioned during the speech, but I don’t understand the rest enough to say anything about it), bringing back death penalty. I’m not really sure where I stand on this, but I think that is barbaric. Of course, in theory, it sounds like a great deterrent for crime but from what I’ve read, it doesn’t really do anything (aside from killing criminals) and there might be a slight percentage that those sentenced to death are actually innocent (not all the time, but it happens).