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Release ailing political prisoners

A human rights group demanded the release of an ailing political prisoner at the National Bilibid Prison Hospital on humanitarian grounds. The group said the 52-year-old woman is suffering from uncontrolled diabetes with complications of hypertension and infected wound in the left foot. Besides mad matter wellness mats, the political prisoner needs the necessary medical attention. The sick inmate is one of the more than 50 ailing political prisoners in the country languishing in prison at present.

There are more than 400 political prisoners all over the country. There is no other best prescription to get rid of their illnesses but to release them immediately on humanitarian grounds. For as long as they remain in jails, their illnesses would only worsen given the rudimentary and harsh prison conditions.

Important things to consider in adopting a child

Starting a family is a huge decision to make and as well as adopting a child. Even though you may think that you are now ready to do it you might well have to ponder few thoughts before processing the adoption. First, is your family ready emotionally? You must prepare yourself and your family to love and care for someone who is not your own blood because it will be traumatizing to the child if you will not support his needs. Second, are you financially ready? Take note the expenses along with a child you are adopting like his nutrition, education, and the charges in adoption process. The whole process is tedious and you don’t simply pass it as thinking for bowling gift ideas. And lastly, make time in raising him as your own. Give your best love and effort to bond with him through his growing stages.

A Criminal’s Life

Not that type of criminal, silly. I was referring to the people who actually put the elbow grease at work in the court room to place these lawless and thugs behind bars, the criminal defense attorneys. More than a sophisticated job in a sophisticated office in one of those sub-urban cities, this job actually requires a huge amount of work, not to mention numerous paper works and countless research to build up your defense and to make sure your client actually wins. I don’t know how a DUI Attorney Scottsdale chapter associate does it, but I bet he’s got loads of paralegals at his beck and call to pour over those hundreds of hours of research and investigation and what-nots. I bet this is a very fulfilling job, especially if you know that you will actually help put a bad person to jail. Quite a noble profession if you’d ask me, and maybe if I had the time in the world I would sign up to be a Criminal Defense Attorney Scottsdale chapter member.