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Sacrifices for loved ones

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It’s difficult to recall personal “sacrifices” that I have made for my family because I don’t consider them sacrifices but part of my responsibility as a mother and wife. Maybe what I can share with you were the occasions when I was assigned provincial assignments and don’t get to see my kids for several days. Even when there was someone to watch over my kids, it’s different when you see them on a daily basis and monitor if they have eaten properly, took their vitamins, or completed their homework. I’m sure there are other moms out there who can relate to my experience. There was another instance when I was on assignment and got stalled in the area for days because the province was hit by a typhoon and there were no available flights going back to Manila. I wish I can voice out my complaint to my bosses for giving me the assignment, but they can’t do anything about it as they too were following orders from the top.

I quit my job not because I don’t love the things that I do for more than a decade, but I thought there are more important things than earning money. I wish I’d stay, but there is a part of me that says I’d had enough. I’m still a working mom at present, but my home serves as my office for online opportunities that I do. I’m happy that I’m no longer an absentee mom, but a mom at their beck and call.

How about you what sacrifices you’ve made for your family lately?


Twenty-years-old ka na, waaah!! I should have posted something on Facebook pero ayaw mo because you hate drama (so dito na lang ako maglilitanya, hahaha). Mixed emotion ako ngayon kasi parang kailan lang eh dependent ka pa sa akin. Dependent pa rin naman pero kaunti na lang. So proud of you anak because you have proven to us and to yourself na kaya mong i-maintain ang scholarship mo kahit anong hirap ng mga subjects. Wish ko rin nga sana maging cum laude ka rin sa graduation, but you brushed aside the idea kasi sabi mo nga mahirap abutin. Who knows ‘di ba. Kung anuman ang kahinatnan ang mahalaga makakatapos ka na hopefully this year. One more term na lang. It would be a completely different story after graduation. You will be facing the real world. Kung anuman ang takahin mo, Daddy and I will still be supporting you. We hope that you will achieve everything you wish for in life. We love you, anak. Happy birthday!!!

Spending Quality Time with Grandkids


Grandparents are normally sweeter and more lenient towards their grandkids as compared to how they were with their own kids. Grandparents have the tendency to spoil their grandchildren but it is best if grandchildren will have fond memories of their grandparents because for sure, these memories will last forever.

If you are a grandparent and you want your grandchildren to remember you lovingly, you can plan the following activities with them:

  1. Share something with them. – Perhaps you have never entrusted anyone to see your coin collection, some of which you have acquired from from old relatives. You can show it to them and give some details why some of the coins are truly special to you.
  2. Make a memory box – If there are some items that you would like to pass down to your grandchildren, now is the time to look for them and place them in a memory box. You can also tell your grandchildren to do the same so they can pass it on to their future grandchildren.
  3. Cook together – It is very likely that you have a recipe that you have followed for a long time and you want your family members to know how to cook it in the future. You can bond with your grandchildren by letting them help you with the preparation of the food. At the same time, they will learn the right process in doing the dish.
  4. Listen to your grandchildren – Your grandkids would need to vent out sometimes and just complain about the things that you are experiencing. The best thing that you can do is be there for them and listen to what they have to say. At the same time, be there for them if they need advice about life in general.

Can you still think of other things that you can do in order to bond with your grandchildren effectively? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.