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Teach kids to protect themselves: Say No!, Run, Tell

Be alert to sexual abuse. If you’re a mom you’ll do anything to protect your kids from harm. Here are some things that kids need to know about tricks offenders do before the abuse begins. And if in case your child spotted a potential abuser teach them to say No! Instruct them to Run as quickly as possible away from the would-be abuser. And be able to Tell parents, guardians or someone who could be trusted about their experience until someone helps them.

  1. Offender says you are special, different or the only one who really understands him.
  2. Treats you differently  from other kids. Gives you special privileges. Treats you like an adult while he acts like a kid.
  3. Wants to take you pictures.
  4. Says he is teaching you sex education by showing you pornographic pictures or movies. He shows his body or touches yours.
  5. Puts lotion or ointment on you when your mother or others are not around (even when you don’t need the ointment).
  6. Offender hangs around school, yard or park where children play. Tells you “not to tell”. Asks you to keep a “secret”.
  7. Does not let you have friends or does not let you do things that other kids your age do.
  8. Comes into your bedroom for no reason.
  9. Asks  you to do things that involve physical contact or touching of private parts.
  10. Offenders wants to spend time alone with you. Makes excuses  for you to go places with him.
  11. Asks questions or make accusations about sex between you and your boyfriends.
  12. “Accidentally” comes into the bathroom when you are taking a bath. Not respecting your privacy.
  13. May fool your parents into allowing you to be “friends” through bribes and other tricks.

Some tell tale signs here could give you a cue and save a kid you know from the trap of an abuser. Please listen to every story your kids are telling you.

Profile of abuser

The sexual offender can be of any age, gender, and from any race, culture, religion, income level, or profession. Most abusers are men (80-85%), are well known to the child and frequently have a position of responsibility and trust for the care of the child. Studies indicate that only about 10% of the offenders are strangers to the abused child. 20% of the offenders are pedophiles (who tend to have a large number of victims).

Help line
Philippine National Police (PNP)
Hotline 117
Or call your local PNP Office
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
Call your local DSWD office
Bantay Bata
Hotline : 163


Don’t wait for the AIDS vaccine

I posted this on my other blog in September 2009 but had to erase it when I changed the blog’s name and niche.

My heart skipped a bit when I heard over the radio that an experimental AIDS vaccine in Thailand is showing remarkable result to patient volunteers. Experts said the vaccine has reduced the rate of infection by 30 percent. I’m thrilled to know that there is hope for my friends who are living with HIV for years especially those who depend on dole outs to support the cocktail medicine to keep them healthy.

The cocktail medicine I’m talking about is a combination of three or four different medicine people with HIV/AIDS take to keep their immune system stronger and protect them from easily getting germs or bacteria.

Dr. Eric Tayag who is at the helm of the National Epidemiology Center of the Department of Health (Dr. Tayag is now serving as the Assistant Secretary of the DOH) welcomed the much-awaited development in the AIDS vaccine.

However, the soft-spoken DOH official reminds us that we don’t have to wait for the AIDS vaccine to be available in the country and for the number of cases to increase before we learn the simple steps to avoid getting the virus.

While we are all anticipating for the full development of the AIDS vaccine and for it to be available in the market which I hope would be in the near future, let’s pause for a while and learn the ABCs of AIDS prevention…as easy as…

A – Abstain

B – Be faithful

C – Condom use