Carpe Diem

The recent unfortunate event that has befallen our kababayans in Mindanao, with the devastation and loss of loved ones and family members that Sendong left in its wake, thought me one valuable life lesson ~ to spend time with your loved ones as much as you can no matter how busy you are with your Desk Clerk Jobs. Call it fatalistic or what have you, but reality dictates that we never really know for sure what’s in store for us the next hour, the next day or week of our life that we ought to take advantage of whatever amount of precious time we can spend with our families and loved ones. It will probably help to have a “live today like it’s your last” kind of attitude to make sure that in the end we will not have to worry about that trip we did not take with our parents or that movie we failed to watch with our son or the coffee we failed to drink beside our partner.

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