Monthly Archives: May 2017

A children’s book project

The image is not related to the post. This is my daughter’s work when she was in high school.[/caption]

I think the older of two kids is beginning to realize her childhood dream to write and illustrate a children’s book. They have this project in school that requires student to submit an originally written and illustration of a children’s book. Daughter came up with this cute story about a young witch and her sidekick feline friend. It was well-illustrated with elation lighting that the professor gave it a 100 percent rating. I wish N would allow me to share the entirety of the book here.


My body is sore from draining rainwater and mopping wet floor (caused by overflowing gutter). I never thought I’d end the day with this mess. I was checking on epiphone les paul standard at when the rain starts to pour…

Unexpected things do happen in our lives…incidents that make us feel happy or sad…but I’m sure everything happens for a reason…whatever it is I hope it’s always for the better…