Monthly Archives: March 2017

Home to countless musicians

I’ve learned that Mississippi has been home to countless musicians, including B.B. King and Faith Hill. It is the same reason that guitar center jackson ms established a music store in the area to help budding musicians realize their dreams. According to guitar center’s website, their sales team is filled with actual performing musicians who are reliable in providing advice and recommendations based on real stage experience. Check the link above to know more about their services.

Random thoughts on audio interface

I’ve learned a few basic things about musical instruments or gadgets and their usage since I started reading and writing about them. One of which is the usb audio interface. If you are into music writing and recording, a usb audio interface sits well at any home recording studio. You can record and playback and sounds more professional with this gadget. It features higher quality audio than standard on-board sound cards. MF scarlet solo in stock or available in the link provided.