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The Value of Hugs


Way back (and I do mean a long way back) in college, I remember making a pact with myself to give out one hug to one person every hour each day. I used to hug my friends and classmates a lot back then. Sometimes, they’d end up surprised, but I knew deep down, they were more than pleased…hmm, yes even the boys! I remember reading somewhere that these hugs help uplift your spirit, or something to that effect, so I made that vow to hug more people, more times a day.

A sincere and warm hug does lots to help soothe somebody’s weary soul. The physical act of hugging sends happy hormones rushing through your body, and sometimes helps ease even the physical type of pain.

It’s never too early or too late to give your loved ones a hug. Spreading the love makes other people and yourself feel undeniably good inside.

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Life quotes as we make it


If you own a Facebook account, I’m sure you are familiar with quotes and phrases by ordinary to known personalities being shared from one FB user to another. Some of those quotes are awe-inspiring, eye-opener, or simply inspirational. There are quotes that meant for friends, couple, and lovers and even for your pet animals. These inspirational quotes are sometimes test sieves in our lives. They help or guide us see through things that are not visible to the naked eye. Often, inspirational quotes see through the best and the bad in people in our lives; they may make us appreciate them even more or slowly drift apart as we realizes that some things are simply not meant to be or that relationships must come to an end.

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