Monthly Archives: January 2014

My bookworm kids

My kids developed the habit of reading at an early age. I’m glad that we’re able to instill in them the love for books as preschoolers. When we bring them to the office or a relatives’ house, I always carry one or two of their favorite books. I also bring crayons and coloring books instead of toys. Now that they are older they still enjoy reading books and magazines. They also check on some sites on the Internet for good reading stuff . With the accessibility of Internet at home, I just hope their interest with books will never fade as they grow older.

Church provides free music lesson

By being a part of a church choir during my high school days, I was able to receive free music lessons from our choir conductor. She was able to tap our “hidden” talent in music by teaching us to hit the right note. If an akai mpk mini compact usb midi keyboard and drum controller was popular around those time, I might also learn to strum a few musical instruments.