Monthly Archives: July 2013

Catching up with a former news source

Facebook has been helpful to a lot of people in finding and reconnecting with their long-lost loved ones, relatives, classmates and friends. Only recently, I found a former news source through Facebook. A common friend led me to her. The lady is still connected with CIW (Correctional Institution for Women) in Mandaluyong. I’m glad that she still remembers me. She invited me to come to her office if I’m not busy. I promised I’ll drop by when my schedule permits me.

I remember her to be so accommodating and really provide time to answer all my queries especially if it concerns the elderly inmates. There was one occasion where I was the only one invited to cover the event. Everybody was attentively listening to her message over the krk rokit 8-powered sound system. It was an appeal they wanted to reach Malacanang. She and other stakeholders are requesting the government to grant freedom to old and sick women inmates so they can spend their remaining days with their loved ones. It was one of the memorable assignments I ever had.

I’m sure this friend of mine will have more stories to share when we see each other again.

Providing education for poor children

Children are the next generation of leaders; no matter how we see them, the future of these little ones is dependent on the decisions we take towards their education today. Providing education or rent college textbooks for poor children has always been some sort of challenge in many countries around the world, especially in third world countries and developing countries.

Education is quite important for poor children, for only with such valued gifts as free education will they be able to understand their situation and equally understand the need to empower themselves with the knowledge to change their world and live better lives. In other words, providing education for poor children is a necessity in our society and is something that ought to be looked into with all seriousness.

Pope John Paul’s Journey to Sainthood

Pope John Paul ll will be made a saint by the end of the year after a commission of Catholic cardinals approved a second miracle.The first miracle was the healing of a severely ill woman from Costa Rica on the very day John Paul ll was Beatified.

Catholic Church has three steps to sainthood.

First, the person concerned has led an exemplary life.

Some Church experts say the Pope’s life, assassination attempt and popular devotion all make him a likely candidate for sainthood.

The next stage is beatification that requires proof of a miracle as a result of his intercession.

Reports from the international community have it that a Mexican teenager claimed that the late Pope cured his leukemia, while a nun in Colombia has said JP cured her illness (unknown) also.

The final stage is canonization that requires at least one more miracle.

One example of a miracle that could be attributed to the Polish-born priest is the inspiration he gave to young Filipino men and women to enter the seminary and convent, respectively.

A young man who attended the World Youth Day in 1995 was so inspired (of the Pope) and now he is a priest. Many people entered the convent and the seminary because of the positive influence of the Pope. Again, in themselves they are concrete proofs that JP is truly a Saint (which could be added to Beatification requirements).