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Ode To Motherhood

By Faith E. Pilato

they say the child chooses
the parent before
they are conceived

God gave me lists
of mother’s names
and pictures of them too.

I looked and looked
they all looked the same
and then I saw you.

Who is this woman?
I asked the Lord
She looks quite nice to me.
You have chosen well my child.
And he spoke these words to me.

She is kind and gentle
and very wise
and she will hold you
close to her
when you cry.

Her eyes will shine
when you take your first step
and smile at your delight.

She will show her pride
when you succeed
and pick you up
when you fail.

She will work hard
to give you the best she can
and rock you to sleep with weary time worn hands.

She will shelter you
on stormy days
and dry your fears away.
She will bask with you
in sunshine on
sunny summer days.

And when you are grown
like you soon will be
She will still be there
To comfort thee.

I choose her.
I told the Lord
For none like her
I’ve seen before.

And the day came
when I was born.
I had chosen well
of this I’m sure.

I picked you
above the rest
and because I did
My life is blessed

The author said “the child chooses his/her parents before he/she is born”.

This made me cry…


A mom’s woe

Sometimes I have this unbearable guilt feeling every time my son and I had a verbal tussle. Just last night we had another argument caused by his disobedience as always. Whatever I told him always fell on deaf ears and that irked me more. He is already 13 years old and he is supposed to be showing a little concern or be responsible enough to save on electricity and water. He is always playful and unmindful of all things. That incident last night gave me a terrible headache that I could consume a whole lot of pain reliever in a medication cart. I hope that my son will find in his young heart and mind to change not only for us, but for himself, too. He might have problem dealing with other people when he is older if he doesn’t change.