Monthly Archives: August 2012

Equal opportunities for differently-abled

I had a chance to meet athlete Adeline Dumapong many years ago. She was the first Filipina Paralympics medalists and powerlifter from the Ifugago province.

Besides being busy in weightlifting, Adeline was able to finish school with flying colors. She has proved the whole world that disability is never a hindrance to pursue one’s aspiration in life.

One of her dreams for other persons who use wheelchair is to have easy access to public transport and other services being given to and enjoyed by other people. Persons with disabilities need wheelchairs or knee scooter to move about. I’m not sure though if laws protecting their rights are being followed by private and public offices, but differently-abled persons should be regarded and treated like other able-bodied individuals.

During her prime Adeline serves as inspiration to her fellow athletes. Her determination to succeed despite the odds is simply amazing.

Choir member

Would you believe I was a member of a choir group in our church when I was in high school? I don’t have a good singing voice but I was able to sing with the group during Church service in the morning. The choir director was not strict in selecting choir members or maybe she saw my willingness to serve the Lord through the choir. There are so many of us in the group and the sound of Universal Audio make a good background when everybody sings Amazing Grace.

Where to bring donations or volunteer

Here’s the list of areas and offices where you can bring food and other donations, or volunteer for our brothers and sisters who were affected by the Southwest Monsoon.

2 Million individuals from 89 cities and municipalities in NCR Regions I, III, and IV-A were affected by the brutal Southwest Monsoon.

Despite this unfortunate catastrophe, we believe that the spirit of Bayanihan is alive and overflowing in Filipino hearts as our citizens reach out to fellow Filipinos who have lost their homes to flee for safer grounds.