Monthly Archives: July 2012

A good reason to cry

I’m about to go to sleep when I saw this link about a dog who finds its way home after more than 4 years of roaming the streets. The reunion made me cry indeed. I could feel the love of the family as they welcome the dog into their home. (You can watch the video here.)

I just wanted to share that about two weeks ago, my family almost lost our dog Oreo. I’m preparing myself for the worst as the dog refused to eat for two days. He was lying on the floor, too weak to stand up. On the third day, hubby decided to buy our dog’s favorite food; the sick pup tasted the food and slowly finished it. It was his first meal after two days. Miraculously, Oreo sprung back into his old playful self several hours after that meal.

Retirement Gifts for Teachers

A teacher is one person who contributes so much to you as a person and to the society as well. As he or she retires, you should get them a gift to show them that you appreciate what they have been doing. A great gift would be a coffee set with lidded cups and strainers in silk box. Each cup and lid is hand painted with delicate bat and vine design. This gift will make her realize that you had her in mind.

retirement gifts for teachers should include a book because teachers love to read. A nice book should relate to teaching and life. This book is specifically for those teachers that have retired or are thinking of retiring. Any book about retirement as a teacher will bring a smile on her face.

The Importance of Insurance for photographers

The photographing career needs very expensive equipment. It would be very unfortunate if something happened when you had no insurance cover for your equipment. You need an insurance policy to cover your equipment against theft, damage or loss. You will need to insure each item separately with their individual make, model, serial number and its value.

insurance for photographers are of two types: the commercial cover, if you use them for business and an All Risk Personal Floater if the equipment is for home use. The peace of mind that comes with insuring your equipment is overwhelming, the cost is not extreme, and you can afford it without denting your wallet.