Monthly Archives: April 2012

I’ll be 40 something

It is my birthday on the 30th.

Thank you, Lord, for the 42 long years. For the life, I choose to live, for the ups and downs, and most of all, for the happiness of being with people I love who will be by my side no matter where the tide of life will take me.

One friend asked me if I have plans for my birthday. I told her none because I’m filling up my enrolment fund box, so any expenses like buying the silver jewelry I’ve been eyeing for months will have to wait for the meantime.

Thank you, Lord for another year.

Tick tock

Writing can be both fun and burden at the same time. It’s fun because you can choose to play with big words and switch to simple ones as you please. It becomes a burden when you suddenly struggle for words and couldn’t connect your thoughts coherently. Aye! No matter how long you patiently wait at every tick tock of your Rocky Patel watch, nothing makes sense. Old timers addressed the so-called ‘writer’s block’ (I prefer to call it mental block) by leaving their typewriter for a while to unwind until they stumble across a fresh idea and began pounding their typewriter keys again.

When it rains, it pours

The idiom may have a negative connotation to some. But for me, I would like to see it the other way. I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I’m open to opportunities that will come my way especially now that the school season is near. So, just in case opportunities knock, I’ll pray that the blessings will pour out like the outdoor fountains. May the elusive DAs will hear my request.