Monthly Archives: February 2012

Reunion prep

Our FB thread is so busy right now as we prepare for our 25th year batch reunion in May. The organizing committee hasn’t come up with a final plan yet, a lot of things is needed to iron out including the food catering, the digitech whammy as part of the sound system, and the venue itself. I’m not sure if they have already chosen a place at this time.

One of my batchmates has proposed a few neat designs for souvenir shirts. Everyone wants a unique design for their shirt. But, I guess, majority always rules. The simple the shirt design is, the better it looks.

I’m not sure if I will be able to attend the occasion. I still have a few more months to decide. If I won’t be able to make it, I might just give my share to the group’s fund.

Lessons From Mom

We have learned most of the invaluable lessons about life and the world around us from our family. It is, after all, the most intrinsic part of our society and we learn most of what we know about relating to others from home. I bet most of you will agree that most of the lessons worth keeping, and worth teaching our children and their children after them, if we are lucky to live long enough to meet them, are taught by our mothers. They are our first teachers, disciplinarians, confidante, adviser, all rolled into one. I bet they would even go as far as telling you to get that samsonite briefcase from, where you can buy it at a more reasonable price, if they were given the chance.

Kuya Ef

Do you remember Efren Peñaflorida?

The pushcart educator is also Kuya Ef to many street children. He is an inspiration to his fellow Filipinos here and abroad for providing alternative education to children. He was recognized as CNN Hero of the Year in 2009 for his exemplary contribution to help others.

For so many years, Kuya Ef is visible in the streets along with his group of teen volunteers (Dynamic Teen Company) who taught basic reading and writing to children who made the streets their home. Kuya Ef and his students hold classes in unconventional places like cemetery and dump sites.

His pushcart classroom contains stock of books, pens, tables and chairs.

At present, Kuya Ef with the help of good-hearted people was able to build a classroom (or is it a school) for poor kids. They also teach special children.

I admire him for his determination, I hope his kind increases. What we can do to help him is to spread his good deeds so his cause will get more support. Who knows they might need h8-1010 hewlett packard canada and school supplies for their school.