Monthly Archives: November 2011

We Will Get By…

I am sure most of us is familiar with the line, “we’ll get by with a little help from our friends,” or something like that and as it clearly states, all of us, at one point in our lives, need a little help from our friends and that each of us needs to have friends. Apart from re-stating that not one individual is good enough to make it out there in the brave new world, it also gives emphasis to one of the most important relationship we will be forging in our lives ~ friendship. We learn to build one as early as we learn to socialize and begin to communicate with others. And, although, not most of us will go through life-changing or life-threatening episodes that would make even the better of us wallow in self-doubt or worse, we all need friends to share even the most mundane and the most ordinary things in our day-to-day lives. They make the trivial stories more exciting and the ordinary cup of coffee much tastier.

A Legacy of Life

A 44-year-old utility worker at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute got hit by a speeding motorcycle while she was crossing the street to report for work.  She was a few meters away from NKTI. Concerned pedestrian rushed the bleeding woman to the emergency room. The brain injury was so extensive it left the woman brain-dead three hours after. The eldest daughter was aware of her mom’s predicament. The ER staff could no longer save the woman or prolong her life a bit. The woman worked for the institute for more than 10 years and within that period her daughter knew how her mother empathize with patients of the institute. So she agreed to give her mom’s organs to whoever was in need. The mother leaves a legacy of two lives. Two persons will live a normal life because of the woman’s kidneys.

In 2006, NKTI recognized the “heroism” of Filipinos for their magnanimous acts of saving lives. The institute started raising funds to help the donor families. These donors have helped others at the time of death.

Facing a new day

A former office mate who just lost his wife this year is celebrating his birthday today. I saw his FB status and couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. I feel his longing for his deceased wife. I guess he is not ready to move on without her. But today, he wrote a thank you note to God saying he is thankful for his life, for his beautiful daughter, and for his wife – for the good 14 years that they’ve spent together as husband and wife. I knew his wife and I’ve seen how dedicated she was to him during those happy years. I remember her for being so sweet. If she were alive today, she would never forget to give him anything she could find only at Shari’s Berries or something that he deserves to get for his birthday. For now, I wish that my office mate would find the real peace in his heart while mending a broken heart. His wife, wherever she is, would be happy to see him slowly pick up the pieces.