Monthly Archives: October 2011

A little something for the kids on Christmas

When I was still working I dream of organizing a little gift giving to some kids at the orphanage that I once visited. I thought of sending holiday invitations and requests to my close friends to donate something for the project that would surely make little kids happy on Christmas Day. Many of those kids received Christmas presents from visitors who organized parties inside the orphanage. Sadly, my project didn’t happen because I already left my job. But in God’s time, I know my dream to help the little souls will still come true…

Text books for flood victims

Students who reside in areas badly stricken by flood in Region 3 are in dire need of textbooks. Their books were submerged in floodwater when two typhoons recently hit several towns and provinces in the region. Mud and floodwater rendered those books useless. A librarian who was interviewed while doing a general cleaning was emotional when asked about the destruction brought about by the flood to their school particularly the library. According to her most of the books found in their library are donated and it pains her to see those well-loved books are just part of rubbish now. If they could request anything useful for the school that would be books for their students. I heard from the news that the school doesn’t have internet access yet, so maybe some kind-hearted souls can provide television set or samsung lcd televisions for the affected school so that students can at least have access to educational cd and dvd for the classroom.