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AIDS advocacy

(Last of a series)

HIV warrior Luigi, 19, has reached the last stage of the grief cycle. After blind denial and rage, he has finally accepted his fate. He is now in the process of healing himself and other people living with AIDS. 

Luigi is currently devoting his time in completing his Nursing studies this year. His ultimate goal is to serve people with HIV/AIDS, specially in the last stages of their lives.

“I am here to save people at risk of having the same illness that I have now. I would like to serve as an inspiration so others may be spared,” reads a message posted by Luigi on the Net.

Luigi’s perception in life took a 360-degree turn with HIV.

“Dati, wala akong iniisip kundi ang mag-abroad, kumita ng pera ’pag naging nurse ako. Now, I’m urging my co-students to value life and their patients more than the comforts and benefits the nursing profession might offer them,” the former altar boy said.

Luigi is currently supporting the Department of Education in its advocacy to include sex education in the curriculum of high school students. The proposal will highlight HIV/AIDS/STI and other major diseases.

“If there will be no serious campaign, what will happen to the youth sector? Panawagan ko po na mag-allot ng three-hour lecture sa loob ng isang linggo for HIV/AIDS/STI and other major diseases such as tuberculosis. It would be a big help to increase the awareness of our young people,” he said, adding that developed countries have already included information on major diseases in their school curriculum.

Luigi stressed that young people should be provided with informed choices because they have the right to health.

“Through sexual health, malalaman nila na ang HIV/AIDS ay hindi dapat pagtawanan. Dapat siyang bigyan ng pansin dahil wala siyang gamot and it will cost a lot kapag tinamaan ka nito… ”

The DepEd recently included lectures in school on adolescent reproductive health and reproductive rights. This was slammed by the Catholic Church, which claimed that exposing students to vulgar terms and languages is a form of child abuse.

The Catholic prelates insist that it’s the sole right and responsibility of parents to teach sex education to their children.

While Luigi is against the Catholic Chuch’s stand opposing sex education, he is one with them in saying that teaching children about sex should start at home.

“I’m not saying na mahina ang foundation ko sa family ko, pero never akong tinuruan ng mga ganyan. And I don’t remember I was taught about sex in high school,” Luigi said.

Luigi said he will continue posting messages in the chatroom as long as there is a need to convince people to practice safe sex and stop the spread of HIV.

“They don’t have to experience what I’m going through. I hope they will learn from me. Sana sa pamamagitan ng ginagawa ko ngayon ay makatulong ako sa bansang ito at sa dulo masabi ko ‘Consummatum est,’ mamamatay akong masaya,” Luigi said.

Luigi is presently residing in the US where he is completing his master’s degree. He is a registered nurse.


( This is a compilation of Luigi’s  interviews in 2006. I wish the readers will get something from his life story.  Warning: some words may be too graphic.)

A CHATTER could earn P12,000 with the use only of his fingers. All it takes is a click on the Net, a webcam, as well as raw guts to play with himself in front of a complete stranger. This was revealed by Luigi, a Nursing student infected with HIV by a chat-lover.

“Hindi na uso ang callboy sa kalye. Sosyal na ang negotiations ngayon, sa chatroom na,” he said.

Luigi said foreigners would visit chatrooms and engage boys in cybersex.

On this note, Luigi has come out to reveal his dark chatroom experience and warn surfers on the dangers of having sex with chat-lovers.

“I am a Filipino teenager and I’m infected with HIV. Nandito ako as living proof. Magshi-share ako kung paano ako nagkaroon ng HIV,” reads one of Luigi’s messages psoted on the Internet.

Luigi began posting AIDS information when he tested negative for HIV in December.

The HIV patient is glad that forum members appreciate his effort to disclose sensitive information about himself.

“Ang mga tao kasi gusto ng pruweba. Ang nasa isip ng mga tao a ay hindi sila tatamaan,” Luigi said.

The HIV patient said followers have been asking him where to get HIV tests.

“Gusto rin nilang malaman ang story ko,” Luigi said. He revealed that indigent youths resort to Internet sex for tuition. He also urged people practicing unsafe sex to undergo HIV tests.

Luigi said those concerned may call the Remedios AIDS hotline at…

So young

( This is a compilation of Luigi’s  interviews in 2006. I wish the readers will get something from his life story.  Warning: some words may be too graphic.)

“Eyeball, anyone? Send a picture. No picture, no reply.”

Luigi, 19, Nursing student, replied to this naughty invitation on the Internet chatroom and ended up having intimate relationship with his 20th chatmate. The steamy eyeball threatens to be his last as Argo — his latest cyber boy toy — has infected him with HIV.

Luigi says he started chatting on the Internet at 16, and has had sex with 20 chatmates.

“High school pa lang, exposed na ako sa kung saan-saang forum, discussion rooms sa Internet,” Luigi said, adding that even elementary students posed nude or masturbated while chatting.

Luigi was only 16 when he lost his virginity to an elderly chatmate who forced him into sex.

“Sa forum pa lang, may invititation na for orgies,” Luigi said.

Chatmates usually have sex eyeballs at parties, malls, movie houses, saunas and locker rooms of popular gyms in Metro Manila.

Luigi admits having joined orgies with straight and married men.

“Straight guys would prefer quick sex with homosexuals than women due to availability. Sa ngayon, ’di ka basta-basta makikipag-sex sa babae, mahirap… compare mo sa lalaki… Parang you know, for curiosity, for experience. Hindi kasi lahat ng oras available ang mga babae,” he said.

Luigi is considered the youngest among sexually-active individuals who got infected with HIV this year.

Four hundred fifty-seven of the reported AIDS cases to the National Epidemiology Center (NEC) of the Department of Health (NEC-DOH) were infected through homosexual contact. At least four of them, including Luigi, were reported only last April.

The Philippine AIDS Registry tallied a total of 2,499 HIV/AIDS cases since 1984, 67 percent of whom are between 20 and 39 years old.

Luigi’s story hopes to drum up support from stakeholders to include sex education and the deadly consequences of irresponsible sex.

Luigi began posting HIV/AIDS information when he first tested negative for HIV late last year.

“December pa lang, nagpu-post na ako ng information about HIV/AIDS/STI. Nag-increase ang awareness ko nang magpa-test ako,” he noted.

Luigi was glad to know that a number of forum members appreciate his effort to disclose such sensitive information about himself.